Plaques - Peruvian Hand Carved Mahogany Plaques "Man & Woman" 2 pc Set

$ 200.00

2 Vintage Mahogany Wood Plaque Carvings of Peruvian Male and Female. 
Male Plaque is Signed   "J.R"
Machu Picchu Hand Carved Plaque of A Solid Piece of Mahogany Each.
Latin American Folk Art.
2 Piece Set Of A Peruvian Man and woman Carved Each With Great Depiction of Realistic Details Pronouncing The Strength And Attitude Of A Proud People. 
The Artist Brings To Life The Strong Features of Peruvian Likeness. see pics
The Eyebrows, The Eyes, The Noses, The Cheeks, The Lips, The Chins, The Necks, Their Clothes, Their Hair, See Their Pride.
NO Scratches, NO Splits, NO Gauges, NO Cracks, NO Kidding. 
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